Hi, I'm Alex.

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Hey there! I'm Alex Kranias. I am a Computer Science student at Georgia Tech concentrating in Intelligence and Systems + Architecture.

I'm currently building Sideline. We're creating a next-gen platform for sports recruiting and coaching. If you're interested join our waitlist!

I research computer architecture and systems in the HPArch Lab @ GT. My interests span machine learning, computer architecture, robotics, and SWE in general. Since you're already here, I would love to connect! You can contact me via LinkedIn or email at

Previously, I was a Software Engineer Intern at Raymond James Financial in Summer 2023. You can check out my resume for more info.


Languages: Java, Python, C, CUDA, C++, Assembly, MATLAB, Node.js, SQL, HTML, CSS

Frameworks: React Native, Docker, React.js, Node.js, JUnit, Android Native, OpenCL

Tools: Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ, PyCharm, Git, Visual Studio, Android Studio, Jupyter, MySQL

Libraries: PyTorch, Scikit, Firebase, React, TensorFlow, ffmpeg, OpenCV, NumPy

Hardware: Raspberry Pi, Arduino, MyDAQ, Various Sensors (IMUs, Potentiometers, Encoders)


Computer Systems and Networks   •   Intro to AI   •   Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Computer Organization and Programming   •   Robotics and Perception

Data Structures and Algorithms   •   Digital Signal Processing   •   Digital System Design

Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science Honors   •   Linear Algebra   •   Multivariable Calculus

CS 1332 Data Structures and Algorithms

CS 2051 Discrete Mathematics for CS Honors

CS 2110 Computer Organization and Programming

CS 2200 Computer Systems and Networks

CS 3510 Design and Analysis of Algorithms

CS 3600 Intro to Artificial Intelligence

CS 3630 Robotics and Perception

ECE 2020 Digital System Design

ECE 2026 Digital Signal Processing

MATH 1554 Linear Algebra

MATH 2551 Multivariable Calculus


Georgia Tech Start Up Exchange   •   Georgia Tech Varsity Rowing

Grand Challenges Living Learning Community

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Grand Challenges Living Learning Community

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